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The Reverend

A bad guy, through and through.

Before he got his superpowers, before he was a super-powered villain, he was a biker who didn't care much about anything but himself. He spent time in jail for drug trafficking with the biker gang he was running with.

Not much is known about his family, or if he has a wife and kids. What is known, is that he is a criminal.

He's fought many heroes in his time, and was finally taken into custody by the hero named The Chisel. The Reverend hates The Chisel with a passion.

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Real Name: Unknown. Goes by John Doe for the moment.

Base of Operations: Anywhere he wants

Occupation: Former Biker, now Supervillain.

First appearance: In another universe that no longer exists.

Team Affiliation:
  • Flight Invincibility
  • Super-strength
  • Will fight dirty!

When he speaks the magic words, he transforms into the Reverend, and that transformation completely heals his body to the super-powered form.

When he powers down by speaking the words again, he resumes his normal human life of aging like a normal human, though his wounds-healed will still be healed.

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Middle-aged John Doe
The Reverned character bio headshots John Doe
Old-aged John Doe