A Comic making schedule can help your life
A Comic making schedule can help your life
My Projects update for January 2022.

Making Comics is soothing

So here we are, January 2022. It's been a rough last few years and One of the ways I've been able to cope, is through making comics online.

There's something very soothing about the process. From writing the idea down on paper, to the first character sketches, to world building, the planning of the plot, structuring events...you can feel yourself moving something forward.

Sometimes just completing tasks help your mind and body move forward, and that's a great thing.

For artists, moving things forward can be a challenge sometimes, depression takes its toll. One of the ways I try to keep myself on track, is to build a schedule. A list of projects and due dates.

I know, "I don't need no stupid schedule to keep me on track!

But don't knock it until you try it.

With a schedule, you can...uh...schedule things. With due dates. Simple.

Currently, what my schedule looks like, I have several projects I'm working on.

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One involves a super big project that I'm really excited about, but can't speak about just yet. More on that in the future.

Another is something I already have in the can, my entry into C.B. Smallwood's Wildcat Anthology book. This book will be great. A bunch of teams working on this book. You can learn more by going to NewEmpireComics.com and signup for their newsletter for updates on that. I know it is getting close. It will have an indiegogo campaign.

As I write this, I am working on website updates.

I am also working on one of my comics, PELOR BEGINS, A True Hero! It's just an online strip for fun, and it's going well. I'll be uploading batch over time and shouting it out on my social media.

I'm also prepping My Little Skull for print. There is 60 plus pages, and it will be the first print of th book for sale. Check back for future updates on that.

And lastly, The Reverend. I have a plan that The Reverend is just the start of. The Reverend's world, is my take on Superheroes and villains, and I'm having fun working on it.

My goal, is to push all of these projects forward to finish, as much as possible, and live life along the way. Hopefully our societal outlook will improve, and we can all treat each other like human beings again. I look forward to that.


~ Robert

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