PELOR BEGINS Comic released!
PELOR BEGINS Comic released!
My Projects update for January 2022.

Pelor Begins To Learn to Be A Hero!

I'm happy to announce, my new comic, PELOR, has just went live on our website.
I'll be making this comic just for fun with no real plan, well, aside from the plan of the story.

Pelor began as a play on the Sword and Sorcery type stories. I was a big fan of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the 80's.

I would come up with all sorts of deals I had to make with my sisters (they did not like my shows!), so that I could switch it to my show! Pelor is kind of a joke in his town of Renkelbottom Keep. His wife, Menawell, is his wife, through thick and thin.

I prefer a half-jokingly take on stories, as we can't really take outselves too seriously in life. I hope to tell an interesting story here, and hopefully make something good that people will read. Thanks!

My goal with this comic, is to keep busy learning the craft as much as I can along the way. I'm hoping it'll be somewhat funny and fun to make and read.